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Really, Pertamina PAS SURE?

"PAS SURE!" quality assurance and service.
Pertamina gas stations PAS SURE! is the gas stations that have been certified to provide the best service to meet world class standards. Consumers can expect the quality and quantity of fuel is assured, friendly service and comfortable facilities.

Something like that slogan PAS SURE! For the problem of spent fuel may be dose PAS (seen from the metered dose), PAS does not hold what's so ..? 

Have you put gas in, and told you in "full content Mr/Mrs". Then he began to pick up the gas tap and say start from "dari NOL ya". Okay, hold up to full fill the gas tank, turn right nah we sometimes pay less SATISFIED. Why ..? 

Once fully charged (full) then the price listed on the amount of any recehannya Fuel Gauge. Well I happened to have full charge, and the prices listed are Rp.12100. Now the brother / mas / mbaknya by arbitrarily rounding up so that it becomes Rp.13000. Where has Rp.900 again ..?

Potentially any fetus suffered from 3 thousand Disease?

The team of researchers from the University of Washington, United States, made ​​a breakthrough in the field of medicine and genetics. They claim to be able to map the genome of the fetus following types of disease and the fetus were carried. "This new technology can detect more than three thousand diseases caused by single gene mutations in the fetus," said study leader Jay Shendure. In his research, Shendure and his research team mapped the genome sequence of the parents of the fetus, each using maternal blood was 18.5 weeks pregnant and the fetus's father saliva. They then use the in-depth mapping techniques (deep sequencing) to analyze dozens of samples of fetal DNA from maternal blood. These conditions make Shendure and his colleagues had to deal with a wide range of genetic material

The researchers used data collected fetal DNA from maternal and paternal genome sequence to develop a fetus. To match the accuracy of the analysis of the fetal genome, the team re-examine the sequence of the genome after birth. "Overall, the genome sequence was pieced together is 98 per cent accurate.

Earphone, Headset, Handsfree, Handset or Headphone, What's the difference?

Often people confuse the earphones, handsfree, headset, handset and headphones. Many people at will want to mention that anywhere, but that actually has meaning and different uses. Indonesian language is good and true. :p Here is an explanation of the difference of eachs device:

  • Earphone
    Earphone is a tool that can convert electrical energy into sound waves. Used by installing it stuffed into the ear.
    Earphone can be used for entertainment such as CD, DVD player, home theater, video games, computers, etc.. Also used in portable devices such as digital audio player / mp3 player, mobile phone, etc.. Earphones are also used for the TV stations as a messenger of the event director / supervisor to the presenter / other TV crew / subordinate. So that communication is achieved without the other parties be heard.
  • Headphone
    Has a meaning that is a pair of headphones (two pieces) that have earphone headband worn on the head


Make a Browser Crash and Hank With Infinite Frame, Memory Hog and The White Screen Of Death

Previously I had to post "Crashing With Infinite Alert Box Browser and Infite Open Window". Well this time I will continue my tricks before but in different ways ie Creating a Browser With Infinite Hank Frame, Memory Hog and The White Screen Of Death. Tricks - tricks and tricks before you can apply on a website or blog, so when other people will access the page they will crash the browser and the hank. Okay just started, the following trick:

Trick I. Infite Frame and iFrame
  1. Open Notepad, and then type the following script

    script frame.html:
    <script>"iframe.html", "iframewind");

    script iFrame.html:
    <frame src="frame.html">
  2. Save As with ekstention .html 
  3. Then open the saved file using Mozilla or IE, the browser crashes beware ..... hahahaa yes.
This script will display an alert box can not be closed.

Trick 2. Memory Hog

Task 5 and 6 : Bhs. Inggris Bisnis 2 [Adjective Clause, Example, Article and Exercise ]

Adjective Clause
Adjective clause is a clause that functions as a adjective. As we have seen, adjectives are words that describe nouns. Thus, it also serves as an adjective clause, which gives details on the noun.
Adjective clauses beginning with relative pronoun or relative adverb.
  1. Adjective clause with relative pronoun
    The Man Who is sitting over there is my father.
    The book the which you bought yesterday is very interesting.
    This is the place that i visited some years ago.
    Mr. Tarno Whose son is my friend is presenting a paper in a seminar.
  2. Adjective adverb clause with a relative
    This is the reason why she did it.
    The time when the plane takes off and lands will be changed soon.
    Pematangsiantar is the place where I was born.

In the examples above we can see that the adjective describes the noun clause is in front of him (antecedent).For example : Adjective clause Who is sitting over there to explain the noun man. Adjective clause why she did it explain the reason nouns.

Adjective Clause is used to provide information, identity, and other information to noun (antecedent). The Adjective Clause structure is characterized by relative pronouns, namely: who, whom, Whose, which, when, where, why, and that.

    Who : used for people in positions subject (human as subject).
    Whom : used for people in the position of the object (human as object).
    Which : used for objects, either in subject or object position (non-human as subject / object).
    That : used as a substitute who, whom, or which.
    Whose : used for ownership.
    When : used for time.
    Why : used for the cause.

  • Adjective clause is divided into two kinds, namely:
    Important (defining) adjective clause, adjective clause is that is important information for the antecedent.
    Example : That Bob's brother (WHO) lives in New York is an actor.
    Meaning : Bob has more than one brother.
  • Unimportant (undefining) adjective clause, adjective clause is that the information that is important for the antecedent.
    Example : Bob's brother, WHO lives in New York is an actor.
    Meaning : Bob has only one brother.

My Village is the Best Producing Variety of Oil Palm Seedlings

Oil palm (Elaeis) is an important industrial plants producing cooking oil, industrial oil, and fuel (biodiesel). Plantations generate huge profits, so many old plantation forest and converted into oil palm plantations. Indonesia is the largest palm oil producer in the world. In Indonesia, the spread in the Aceh region, east coast of Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi.

Not all varieties of oil palm's seed source familiar enough in the eyes of palm planters. Probably not many are aware if this time Indonesia has had 33 species of palm spread over 8 seed producers. But there are two types of varieties that are quite popular.
Even better known than his own seed sources, namely oil palm and Socfindo Marihat types. For this type of Marihat is kind of interesting.

Many companies and individuals prefer Marihat types of oil palm seedlings. Based on data from PPKS (Palm Oil Research Center) Medan Marihat varieties have the potential to produce 12 bunches per year with heavy bunches of 17 kg for each tree. With the oil potential of 6.7 t / ha / year. Interestingly this plant has been fruitful since the age of 14-18 months and can already be harvested after the age of 30 months. That's why people are choosing and seeking this type.

One of the oil palm seed breeding Marihat type in my hometown, Marihat, Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra.

Cyberbullying, and Acts of criminal case

  "Perhaps because there is no physical contact, people think that happens in cyberspace does not continue in the real world"

Is the use of Internet technology to hurt others and deliberate hostile manner in the form of text, image or video. Cyberbullying is already common place in society, which they despise each other and talked - talked bad about each other that ends - ends can be dealt with the threat of criminal defamation and others. The more easily people connect via the Internet, the more susceptible they are affected by cyber crime.

Examples of cyberbullying cases on an international scale.

Task 3 and 4 : Bhs. Inggris Bisnis 2 [ Active & Passive Sentences ]

     Passive sentences or commonly known by the word passive voice or Passive Sentence or there is also a call Passive Forms. In a nutshell definition of Passive Voice mean a transitive verb form of which is the subject of English grammar sentences act as a 'patient', ie that receives the action of a job
    Passive sentences are generally contrasted with the phrase Active or commonly known as the Active Voice, this phrase means a form of transitive verb where the subject of the sentence acts as an 'agent', or the action of a job.

1. Active Sentences

     In an active sentences, the subject of the sentence performs the action of the verb. The active sentences of a verb simply denotes the form of the verb used when the subject is the doer of the action.
      In the active sentences, the object receives the action of the verb:

 Another Examples :
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